Crump continues to be a leader in the brokerage industry with a specific focus on high-end underwriting services. Our staff of over 30 underwriters comes from diverse backgrounds, allowing us to look at cases from many angles resulting in the best offers for clients.

Your Crump Underwriting Team is Here for You!

Our team brings over 500 years of combined underwriting experience to assist with the toughest cases. Our team works with you from receipt of the informal inquiry through policy issue. Our carrier relationships allow us to negotiate on your behalf based on your client’s situation. Our underwriting team plays an integral role in delivering solutions to the professionals we work with and the clients they serve. 

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    Success Story

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    Poppy Seed Muffins Can Cause What? Did you know poppy seed muffins can be concerning when applying for life insurance? See how our underwriter turned a difficult case into a success story.

    Case Spotlight

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    The Client Was Declined Twice; I Helped Get Him Life Insurance Coverage. This case is a good example of how critical it is to have underwriters working for you.

    In the News

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    The Life Insurance Industry Provides Coverage And Protection Options For All Genders. Chris Cook, Senior Vice President and Head ofUnderwriting shares how today’s life insurance industry has products availablethat are inclusive of the needs of all consumers.